The Same Food, Made Differently

One of the most powerful dimensions of precision fermentation technology is that it enables functionality and performance that is the same as food from conventionally farmed animals.

Because ingredients that are made using precision fermentation share the same nutritional profile as ingredients made through animal agriculture, they can provide the same nutrition, texture, and performance as ingredients made through animal agriculture. Similar to the way solar power generates the same energy as fossil fuel, precision fermentation enables us to make the same foods as animal agriculture, in a different way.

Technology that keeps traditions alive

Precision fermentation allows us to make our most beloved foods in a more sustainable way, without asking people to change their habits, traditions and recipes. It’s a recipe for progress without the sacrifice. The beauty of this not only lies in the experience of enjoying food made with precision fermentation, but also what the food represents. With precision fermentation, we can make the same foods that honor culture and traditions, with no adjustments to recipes. It represents the future of food while honoring the nostalgia of traditions and family histories.

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