Driving impact that is science-backed and people-led.

We’re on a mission to champion precision fermentation as a trusted solution for a more resilient and sustainable food system. We believe precision fermentation can meaningfully solve systemic problems in our food system when we connect with others and work together to make maximum impact.

Operating principles

Elevate Accuracy

To ensure the integrity of the alliance, we will only publish and endorse information we know to be empirically true.

Champion Collaboration

Big challenges are overcome by many hands, and the challenge of precision
fermentation adoption is no different.

Listen Always

To ensure we do not operate in an echo chamber, we will share and highlight
voices beyond our own, in the conversation.

Drive Solutions

Our agenda is nothing more than positive progress. When we encounter an impasse, we actively explore how to overcome it.

Ingredients made via precision fermentation can transform our planet and communities in powerful ways. By changing the way resource-intensive foods are made, we can cause a chain reaction that creates systemic impact.

Field and lake.

heal our Planet

Because precision fermentation technology requires significantly fewer resources to produce ingredients and foods, it is a powerful method of sustainable production. By sparing land, water and other natural resources, we can make room for other sustainable, regenerative approaches to farming and food.

Family eating.

nourish global communities

Food made in safe, well-monitored environments independent of climate conditions and arable land can maintain high quality and nutrition standards and boost food security for nations around the world.

supply chain cranes.

create resilient supply chains

Precision fermentation drives end-to-end supply chain resiliency and stability that is less susceptible to external influences like weather, economics, and global politics.‚Äč