Transforming The Food System


Food system transformation is both an inevitable and necessary action for our world.

The growing climate crisis is inherently linked to the future of food security, food production, and global economies.
We believe precision fermentation is part of a multi-pronged approach to creating a broad, transformative solution for our food system.

Woman Inspecting yogurt label.

implications to the food system

Precision fermentation can benefit the food system in significant ways as scale and adoption grows. The Precision Fermentation Alliance sees opportunity in key areas.

Food Security

At scale, precision fermentation has the potential to improve access to quality nutrition by enabling high-quality proteins and other ingredients to the global community. It can be especially relevant for countries and regions where extensive animal agriculture is not possible due to constraints in natural resources, such as land and fresh water. It also allows other regions to bolster their existing food production by developing a resilient and robust complementary technology.

Agricultural Production

By reducing land use to produce high quality nutritious ingredients at scale, we can make more space for more sustainable regenerative agriculture practices. As a complement to other planet-friendly means of production, we can enable and elevate better practices around the world.

The Bioeconomy

Precision fermentation can play a core role in developing new industries in engineering, manufacturing, and food production. This job creation forms the foundation of a new bioeconomy–an economy that is informed and powered by biotechnology for good. By extension, precision fermentation also aids the economic vitality and tech diversity of participating countries on the global stage.

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